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About Us

We provide a safe, secure, & stimulating learning environment for children

If you're looking for a stimulating environment for your children's early learning activities, contact Tots Pre-School. Founded in 1979,  Tots Pre-School has been a pinnacle of the community for over 40 years.

We are a community-based school whose top priority is early childhood care and education, and we believe that working in partnership with parents can have a positive impact on children. We're voluntarily managed by a committee of parents and local members of the community.

We provide a fun and stimulating environment where your children can learn and develop. Our staff creates the right stability and support every child needs.

Our well trained staff utilises modern early learning resources. We provide helpful advice on all aspects of your child's education.


Fun & Education

At Tots Pre-School, we believe in helping children learn through indoor and outdoor activities. We provide a safe and fun environment that nurtures stability and ongoing development in children.


A Safe Space

Are you looking for a place where fun and education are combined to create a stimulating experience for your child? Look no further than Tots Pre-School. We provide a safe and secure space where your child can grow.


Learning & Development

If you'd like to discuss your child's needs and development with a professional, contact Tots Pre-School. Our friendly and qualified staff are always available for a professional discussion. We offer helpful advice.

We Provide:

  • Playground Icon Tots Pre-School

    A large secure playground

  • Play Mat Icon Tots Pre-School

    Outdoor and indoor play areas

  • Teacher Icon Tots Pre-School

    Childcare services

  • Blocks Icon Tots Pre-School

    Pre-school services

Preparing your child for the next educational step

Pre-school education is often considered vital to a child's development. It helps them to prepare for the next step in their education. Tots Pre-School is a charity-based and community-run pre-school. We put children's early learning activities at the heart of fun and play.


Organised Fundraising

At Tots Pre-School, we believe in taking an active role in the community. Our management team regularly organises fundraising and charitable events.

Professional & Friendly Advice

Our friendly staff are always willing to discuss the needs of your child. We believe in helping your child learn through indoor and outdoor activities in a safe and fun environment.
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